photo credit: Shadows Galore Ellora Caves via photopin (license)

Welcome to my (virtual) home.

It would be very nice to associate with you, and share our thoughts on a variety of subjects. I am of the opinion that it is not necessary for two individuals to be good friends to be able to communicate. Also it is not always necessary to concur on all subjects under the sky. Difference in opinion makes the world colourful. The most important requirement is to respect others’ thoughts. Communication builds bonds, communication is the oxygen for relations — inter-personal, inter-communal, inter-national.

Similar to the tale of blind men trying to understand the elephant, each one of us conceives only a part of the Reality. By communication and exchange of thoughts we can hope to obtain a better picture. It is also like looking at an object, which is kept in dark, by throwing light from different directions. However strongly do we insist on our version of the Truth, it should be kept in mind that Truth is in the whole, in completeness. A part is not the Truth. So those who prefer to seek the Knowledge through observation and analysis of the outside world should strive to grasp the whole. Communication and exchange of ideas facilitate that process.

I look forward to an enriching experience with you.

Yours Amit