Welcome to Pradyot! Through this platform I share with you my experiences in art and science — two of my greatest passions. I cannot say which one of them I love more. Usually people think that for me art offers an escape from the everyday tough mental tasks as a scientist. It is not entirely correct. Art has been more than just a hobby for me. In fact, it has been a constant source of joy and happiness, and something that made this life worth living. Practising art has also helped me in my scientific research by teaching me to pay attention to details, developing patience and perseverance which are indispensable for scientific research. On the other hand, science has trained me to analyze and understand the logic and phenomena working behind everyday objects/events we come across, which helped me to appreciate their beauty and artistic merit. Pursuing both science and art together has been tough but a rewarding experience. I invite you to join me in this beautiful territory where art and science meet.