Daily Archives: September 28, 2015

A Colourful World

This is a complex world. Multicoloured. To present it only in the shades of black and white is wrong. If you do, you are bound to miss many different shades. And it would be a great loss. Indeed.

Everyday we see, hear, read about people getting rude and abusive to others. At the same time, there are thousands of others who pass on a friendly smile to strangers, let the other vehicle pass, give a lift to young students, move a little aside so that another passenger could be accommodated, help somebody place his luggage on the upper berth. These people are never counted, not recognised, you would not find any report on them in any newspaper. Yet they exist.

A national daily reported a very kind and noble gesture by the residents of a colony. Every day one of the residents on turn would give the traffic policeman on the nearby crossing a bottle of cold drink. Now did you know about this?

In a lecture Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi said in the context of the partition of India that — ‘It is well known that many people were killed, many people were looted, many people lost their homes. However, what is not well known, and is not reported, is that there were a far greater number of people who saved lives, who extended help and relief, who provided shelter’.

Good and bad both exist in the world. Had the positive forces not been there, the world would have already collapsed a long time ago. It is the power and strength of the good that has helped to maintain the equilibrium, and kept the balance from shifting in favour of the bad. Then why is it not visible, why can’t we see it more often? Perhaps because the good is always modest. It does not shout. It works silently and makes no claim. It is up to you to recognise it whenever you meet it next. And don’t forget to say thanks.

photo credit: 777ps_01768.jpg via photopin (license)