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A ‘Small’ Word Leads To A Long History

11I have always wondered whether the English word ‘nano’ has its origin in the Gujarati word nanu (નાનું = small) — the similarity is indeed remarkable. To explore the idea further, I opened the Merriam Webster dictionary and found that it is not so. The English word ‘nano’ has its origin in the Greek word nanos, meaning ‘small’ or ‘dwarf’. Continue reading

Letter to Ahmedabad

29302553936_c10f76bf9b_n14 August 2002. It was on this day that I had landed in Ahmedabad. It was the first time that I had to live in a different culture. Well, not entirely different; however, you know, even the sarees are worn in a way opposite to that in U.P./Uttarakhand. The language was different, but not difficult to understand. The weather was a different type of extreme. Continue reading