My Dear Angel (two closed couplets)


Two closed couplets to remember the angels in our lives. Most of the time, we struggle alone in life, we fight alone, understanding that all the required strength and ability lie within us. But somehow, there is a doubt — in ourselves, in our own capacity. Then someone comes who stands by our side, shows trust and faith in us, and provides the support and confidence we require to move ahead. Without that angel, it is doubtful whether we would have even taken the first step or not. It is not something of a physical or financial nature, or of resources. Most of the time it is just simple words — words of support, assurance, confidence. They carry magic, they instill life. But again, we have this habit of getting attached to everything. Angels, by a rule, have to go away — maybe to different worlds to bring love and life to others in need. Nobody can stop them. And we are left behind — alone — wondering whether our life now without them is better or worse than that before their arrival.

=================== (1) ======================

My dear Angel, you came and you flew,
Spending the days which were so few;
Why had you come, and why have you gone?

I was so much better when I was alone.

=================== (2) =====================

When days are numbers written on sand,
Someone comes and holds your hand.
He tells you not to cry,
But however hard may you try,
Roll down the tears,
Bringing out the fears —
Of separation, of pain,

Of loneliness once again.


photo credit: No future via photopin (license)

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