Guest poem by Ritesh Kumar Mishra


photo credit: gmeador Tree at Eufaula Pond via photopin (license)

Open your fount
to mount the mount
of shame, selfishness, and want
to rain the daunt
of dint, mint, and quaint [1]

Open your fount
to reign the train
of guilt, pain, and strain
to stain

the nectar, narcissism, and Nestor [2]

Open your fount
to pat
the grime, mire, and sublime
to gestalt [3]

the sweat, sweet, and salt

Open your fount
to muscle
the tussle, hustle, and bustle
to marvel

the make, break, and keepsake

Open your fount
for a drop

of rain, paean [4], and a mouthful of sky.

[1] quaint:    attractive, unusual or old fashioned
[2] Nestor:   king of pylos famous for his wisdom and longevity
[3] gestalt:   an organised whole that is more than the sum of parts

[4] paean:    a song of praise and triumph

ritesh1 Dr. Ritesh Kumar Mishra works at the NASA Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas, USA.

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