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प्रद्योत के जीवन के इस नए चरण में आपका स्वागत है । मेरी साहित्य यात्रा में सहभागी होने के लिए आपका हार्दिक आभार । इस नए अध्याय का आरम्भ मैं प्रातःस्मरणीय महर्षि श्री अरविन्द को समर्पित करता हूँ तथा हिन्दू धर्म पर अपनी पूर्वलिखित लघु टिप्पणी आपके समक्ष प्रस्तुत करता हूँ — Continue reading


जब मैं सब्जी खरीदने गया तो दुकानदार का छोटा बच्चा अपनी माँ से साइकिल खरीदने की हठ कर रहा था और उसकी माँ उसे विभिन्न प्रकार से बहलाने का प्रयास कर रही थी । अंत में बच्चा पास में खडी मेरी साइकिल पर चढने लगा । खरीदारी करने के बाद जब मैंने साइकिल निकालनी चाही, तो बच्चा हटने के लिए तैयार न हुआ । मैंने बडे प्यार से कहा – Continue reading

My Tweet Featured in Blogadda Perky Tweets!

Dear friends,

I feel very happy to let you know that my following tweet has been featured in the 10 October 2016 edition of Blogadda Perky Tweets. You would notice that even on Twitter, I have not compromised on proper language usage. Once again I thank all of you for joining me in my creative writing journey and for keeping me inspired and motivated. I am deeply touched by all the love and support that you have shown to my blog posts and published literary works. Please feel free to share any posts or articles that you find interesting. Continue reading

We Want the Prime Minister to Clean Our Roads!


The man for everything!

The country was celebrating 50 years of its independence. A number of events were held to mark the occasion. In our college, several art, essay, speech and debate competitions were organised; I had participated in nearly all of them. In the debate competition, the speakers had to discuss and argue India’s achievements and failures, both of which were in plenty. I had spoken in favour, and still remember a major part of my speech. I had highlighted the economic, scientific and technological achievements of the country, and stressed that the responsibility for progress of the nation also lies on all citizens. Continue reading