Creativity And Courage


‘Jeans’ by Amit Misra, pencil on paper.

Artist Vasudeo Kamath remarked, “There are many portrait painters, but very few accept the challenges to paint something new!”

This trend is not specific to portraits, or rather to arts, instead the same practice is observed in other fields also, e.g., literature and science. Very little original work is done, and mostly you would find the practitioners either reproducing others’ technique, or busying themselves discussing old philosophies and styles. And it is not a recent development. Also, it has nothing to do with time or occupation. However, to implement new ideas, one needs to take risks and for that courage is required. It is this factor where we lack. Taking risk involves uncertainty and insecurity, because we do not know what the response of the community and society would be. So we prefer living happily and comfortably in the past, and follow ‘safe’ mediums and methods. Add to it the present day scenario — people can get upset over anything. On the other hand, most people, especially the artists (using the term in its broadest sense), prefer a peaceful life and environment, free of controversy and turmoil.

2 thoughts on “Creativity And Courage

  1. rationalraj2000

    “However, to implement new ideas, one needs to take risks and for that courage is required”- Yes, for big gains one has to come out of the comfort zone!.


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