Three Takes On ‘The Artist In You’

30379756720_867fa6819f_nThere are two parts of any artistic pursuit — one is skill and the other is art. As you might have guessed, art is the soul of the work whereas skill lends an aesthetic appeal to the piece of art. It is just like the body which lends a basis for the human soul to live in —  without body the soul cannot stay; yet, without soul, the body has no value. Skill is necessary, as it make a piece of art palpable, appealing and beautiful. But the soul of the work, the one that is spiritual and lifts you from your ordinary existence, is art. But we have been trained to think skill to be synonymous with art. And that is what you mean when you say ‘I cannot make a painting, I cannot draw a single line.’ Picasso said — Every child is a born artist, question is how to remain one when one grows up.’

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an individual possesses neither skill nor artistic faculty? I still maintain that it is impossible that you do not have any artistic faculty; it is just that either you are unaware of its presence, or have strangulated it to death. Either way, and for the purpose of this discussion, let us assume that you are simply not aware of your talents. So, my question is — what would the scenario look like when the person neither knows anything about art nor possesses any skill, but still feels intense desire to create something beautiful and charming, just because it makes one happy? It is not that dry as it sounds. In fact, this scenario is very humorous, and reveals the lighter side of art and artitsts. Watch these videos and see how such ‘interesting’ cases have been presented in our movies. And don’t forget to pick up your pencil and notebook and make something beautiful today, now. Post the work on your page, and share the link in the comment box below this post. Let the whole world see the artist in you!

1) Jawahar Kaul makes a ‘logical portrait’ of Anita Guha (Dekh Kabira Roya, 1957)

2) Beautiful Sonali Bendre made a beautiful painting . . . but nobody could understand! (Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega, 2001)

3) Anil Kapoor Outshines M.F. Husain (Welcome, 2007)

And finally, this tribute song for the artist in you (Taare Zameen Par, 2007):

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photo credit: Go-tea 郭天 The artist via photopin (license)

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