Open Yourself To The Universe!

It is amusing to note that human being who has created such marvels of culture and civilization has also invented several ways to destroy those very marvels. Mostly the human mind, which is credited for our accomplishments, is also blamed for the miseries faced by humanity. In all such debates and discussions, one factor that is often ignored is that mind itself is not the whole being; instead it is just a part of our overall identity. It has its importance, but has its limits also. Hence it should not encroach upon the territory which is not its domain — the fields of love, harmony and beauty. But still we love to think. We choose to think about beauty instead of looking at it, prefer to talk about it instead of understanding and appreciating it.

When you are all the time occupied with your thoughts — analyzing and pondering over people and events — you are missing out a hundred beautiful things scattered all around you, which you don’t have any time to admire — fighting of dogs, laughter of little girls, silly games of boys, the sparkle in a woman’s eyes, the different patterns formed by smoke, the play of light and shade on curtains and clothes — all of them. Thousands of such events are happening on a daily basis, as a routine, all the time, every moment. They are never going to repeat themselves, and certainly not going to happen again. All these experiences are unique and you are missing out all of them — all for the sake of analysis of thoughts and fighting off your insecurities and fears. On the other hand, if you just watch and observe all these beautiful things and people — with interest — not only would you find enormous beauty inherent in them, but would also see that while you are watching them, and are absorbed in admiring them, you are not thinking about all those hundred things and problems. All mental aerobics just stops. When the mind becomes silent, you see the world in a new light.

photo credit: Thank you, my friends, Adam! Healthy Diet via photopin (license)

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