Book Review: ‘Every Day Is Earth Day’ By Harriet Dyer

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I frequently receive books on climate change for review. Each one of them presents the subject from a different perspective and addresses different aspects of the problem. After reading my reviews, most of the time my readers put this question to me — “What are we supposed to do?”, and ask me reference of any book which might be able to answer this question. They want to contribute in the fight against climate change but they do not have any idea how to go ahead with it. The book Every Day is Earth Day: Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Harriet Dyer answers precisely this question. The most noteworthy feature of this book is that it does not deviate a bit from its focus and successfully delivers what it promises. It is a hand-manual for citizens to help them reduce their carbon footprint by making few changes in their lifestyle. The book is loaded with data and facts, excellent graphics, and sound suggestions and advice. There are no typographical errors. The book has been compiled very nicely and you will sense the commitment to the cause on part of the writer and publisher. As such, I do not have any criticism or negative feedback for this book; so I will give you a brief summary of the book.  

The title of the book is well thought and appropriate. Climate activism is not a thing to be done for one day and forgotten the next. It goes beyond writing articles, demonstrations, sloganeering and meetings. Commitment to our planet and environment demands action on part of all of us, every single day, for the remaining years of our lives. The action can be in the form of making wise decisions and choices. 

For example, consider online shopping, which is popular because of the comfort it brings with it in the form of home delivery of items. However, take a note of the fuel consumed in transporting the shipment from source to the consumer, which increases if the consumer is not available on first instance and subsequent trips are required. Also, in case the item is returned, this would further increase fuel consumption. The author suggests to check the place of origin of the item and encourages readers to buy locally, which saves fuel and also helps local economy. The writer mentions different types of delivery options, and explains the different levels of fuel consumption by each of them.

The book starts by telling you what exactly is ‘carbon footprint’, then gives you an idea of the various units of weight and measurement. This is followed by facts related to the Earth system — atmosphere, changes in atmospheric variables such as temperature and precipitation due to climate change, and extreme events in different continents. Climate change and human contribution to climate change are explained next. Likewise, changes in oceans, reefs, land, forests, wastelands, glaciers and animal kingdom are mentioned briefly. The second part of the book tells you how you can reduce your carbon footprint. The suggestions address different aspects of our modern urban lifestyle — electricity and gas at home, water, plastic, food and drink, diet, shopping, electronics, toys and baby products, furniture, online shopping, transport, and gardening. The book ends with taking note of various climate change crusaders and tells you various ways in which you can join the fight against climate change.

Title: Every Day Is Earth Day: Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Author: Harriet Dyer
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Print Length: 128 pages
Price (Paperback): $10.55
Price (Kindle): $8.49

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