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What Movie Songs Teach Us About Attitude Towards Women

What Movie Songs Teach Us About Attitude Towards WomenAn article that appeared in the Marathi magazine Chitralekha, took a note of Hindi songs from the golden era to the present time, and commented on their treatment of women. The high point was ‘Tu haan kar yaa naa kar’ — simply meaning that ‘whether you say yes or no, you are mine’. Continue reading

What Culture Fanatics Should Learn From Computer Scientists

Computer and Human LanguagesI learnt C programming from the book by Yashwant Kanetkar. Hence, I have a sort of emotional attachment with that writer. While explaining how a particular computer language works, he often compares it with human languages, utilizes the concepts of thoughts, words, sentences, and draws parallels with syntax, compilers and so on. Continue reading

Has Cinema Made Us More Insensitive?

5568613591_5a88d9fea1_nI do not remember the exact title and date when that article was published; the only detail I can recall is that it appeared in The Hindu, and that it examined the role of cinema in violence and other crimes. It made an interesting observation that although people may not be immediately motivated to subscribe to violent behaviour after watching action movies, watching it played repeatedly on screen does make them callous and apathetic. No arguments; yes, we do not seem to be appalled any more while witnessing the aftermath of violence of any type in society. Continue reading

The Crazy World of Disclaimers!

The Crazy World of Disclaimers!

A time came when I started enjoying advertisements more than the TV serials during which they were shown. Most of you might have felt the same. The quality of programme was deteriorating while that of advertisements improving day by day. Once I remarked to my neighbour, “This programme is wonderful . . . except the part between the opening credits and the closing credits”. Continue reading

Qualifications — part 2


All said, the question that we started with, still stands. Aren’t there any essential qualifications in arts, literature, music, theater and politics, similar to other occupations? For example, can a self-taught student, or may be a student helped by a private tutor, aspire to become a CA or a scientist? No, if they do not possess the required qualification. Then why are the aforementioned occupations considered open to all? Continue reading


6b6ea-tangytuesdayWhenever we open newspapers to seek job opportunities, or log in to the job portals on the internet, one of the information we look for is the required educational qualification. Whether the vacancy is for a defence personnel, chartered accountant, professor, scientist, or a railway employee, educational qualifications, experience, and essential and desirable skills are clearly mentioned. Now the doubt arises — just like a certain minimum qualification and skill is expected for the aforementioned jobs, whether any similar criterion is expected in other fields such as arts, music, literature, drama, cinema, and also politics. Continue reading

Do You Have Time?


Fast food culture is not a recent development. We have seen it earlier also, and should have expected the present state of affairs to arrive a lot earlier.

When instant noodles came, our definition of a breakfast and snack changed. We, as children, grew more and more impatient with the slow process that our mothers followed to cook and feed us. Continue reading