Effort and Efficiency


My friend Rohit had a very good idea. In the course of his readings, whenever he came across anything very deep and beautiful, he would write it out on the blackboard in his hostel lobby. This would not only help him in remembering the quote, but others could also join in the experience.

Once he wrote, “Most people don’t know how close are they to their aim when they give up.” True. It does inspire us to take one more step ahead, make a little more effort, and attain the objective, which we so truly deserve.  

But then, at the same time, there should be some way to identify the problems that cannot be solved by their very nature. With them, it is not a question of a lack of effort on part of the seeker, or limitation of resources; instead there is some basic flaw in their very formulation. In such a case, the sooner the person recognises the fault and retreats, directing his attention and efforts towards other sound problems, the better it is for him and for the general pursuit of knowledge.

photo credit: Feel the burn. via photopin (license)

1 thought on “Effort and Efficiency

  1. Subbu

    Being judicious about “should I continue” or “no point… quit!” very early on are the traits of good time-managers.


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