At the Bank (Anecdote)

This incident occurred when I was studying for the B.Sc. One day I was returning from the railway station. On the way I found a bank cheque, which some passer-by had dropped. I looked around — there were very few people on the street and nobody nearby. Not knowing what to do, I decided to go to the nearest bank branch. Maybe they could locate the owner of the cheque or maybe they could do something proper. They were definitely in the best position to decide. So I walked and stepped in the bank which was only a few steps ahead. It was 10:00 am, the bank had just opened and the activities for the day had supposedly not yet started. A small group of people were having an agitated conversation. I looked around and approached the only free gentleman there.

— Sir, where can I find the manager?
— Why? What do you want the manager for?
— Sir, I found this on the road, I do not know who does it belong to.

The gentleman had a look at the cheque, smiled, and walked towards the group of people who were still deeply absorbed in their animated discussion.

— Hello Sir there! Here it is. Your cheque.

— Oh Wow! Thank God it is found. What a relief! Thank you so much, thank you.

— Arey no Sir, you should in fact thank this young boy who found it and brought it to us.

— The cheque was A/C payee, that is why [he brought it].

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photo credit: National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Banknotes via photopin (license)

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