Daily Archives: August 9, 2016

Head Held Low

6b6ea-tangytuesdaySo often it happens that we follow certain habits, mostly mechanically, but become aware of it only when someone else mentions it to us. And then it becomes a problem. The same thing happens while observing others’ habits. People might be doing certain things over and over again before our eyes, yet we don’t notice. However, as soon as some third person brings it to our notice, we too start noticing and then the sight becomes annoying. I know several people who end every sentence with an emphatic (and rude) ‘right?’, people biting their nails whenever they start thinking, and playing tabla when they are approaching the solution of their problem and so on. Some others tap their shoes on floor, while others rotate their chairs. Then again few people open a door with a hand but close it with a foot, few others do it the other way round.
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