हमें शिक्षा दी जाती है कि चींटियों से संगठन सीखो, कुत्ते से वफादारी सीखो, बगुले से एकाग्रता सीखो । प्रकृति का प्रत्येक घटक हमें शिक्षा देता है । यही उनकी उपयोगिता है । साथ ही यह भी कहा जाता है कि पेडों को बचाओ क्योंकि उनसे हमें छाया, लकडी, फल आदि मिलते हैं, स्त्रियों का सम्मान करो क्योंकि वे घर और बाहर महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाती हैं, नदियों को साफ़ रखो क्योंकि भारत कृषि-प्रधान देश है । कुल मिलाकर किसी का भी सम्मान और रक्षा केवल इसलिए करो क्योंकि वह हमारे लिए उपयोगी है । मानो किसी भी निकाय का अपना स्वयं का कोई अस्तित्व है ही नहीं । संसार में उसकी उपस्थिति की सार्थकता मात्र इसी बात पर आधारित है कि वह हमारे लिए कितना उपयोगी है ।

photo credit: Collin Key Dog and Her Woman via photopin (license)

20 thoughts on “यथार्थ

    1. Amit Misra Post author

      It is so nice of you Akuokuo! I really appreciate the effort you made to read the text. Just in case Google Translate had not been accurate, I have translated the post in English for you :–

      We are taught to learn unity from ants, to learn loyalty from dog, concentration from egret. Every constituent of nature teaches us something. This only is their usefulness. In addition, we are also urged to protect trees because they give us shelter, wood, fruits etc, to respect women because they play an important role in home and outside, to clean rivers because India is an agriculture-dependent nation. In summary, one should respect and protect anyone or anything only because he/she/it is useful for us. It is as if they don’t have any identity or existence of their own. Their significance in the world depends only on the extent to which they are useful to us.

      1. Akuokuo

        🙂 Google was close…but not exactly the same. Thank you for the real deal! All the best to you. Hope you have a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year!

  1. sunainabhatia

    I think that is the problem with us humans – we tend to find ‘value’ in a thing or place or even person – they cannot exist just like that – they are there or rather they ought to be there because they are valuable…A thoughtful post…..

    1. Amit Misra Post author

      Thanks Sunaina! Taking a clue from your comment, this is an old debate since ancient times: Does the Creation have any purpose or had it taken place just by chance? People are divided over this question, and perhaps we would never be able to know the correct answer.

      However, in any case, it is improper to assume that we are the purpose for which the universe was created, and every component of nature is there only to serve us or bring benefit to us. You may call it being self-centered or egoist or selfish. In this post we have criticized this point of view.

      1. sunainabhatia

        True – we are not the sole center of the universe – a thought that goes back to the time when the universe was considered geo-centric….and by extension, man became the cynosure…..Nothing can be more vain than the idea of being so important…..

  2. poemsbyarti

    संसार में उसकी उपस्थिति की सार्थकता मात्र इसी बात पर आधारित है कि वह हमारे लिए कितना उपयोगी है ।

    True that.!!!


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