A satire on disclaimers.

Also see : The Crazy World of Disclaimers!

3 thoughts on “Reflection – 13

  1. Amit Misra Post author

    There are several ways to proceed. I would tell you the shortest and easiest methods. You can explore further.

    1) Go to your dashboard. It lists all the people who have recently voted for your posts. Click on the name or photo of each person, and their profile page would appear. Next to their name and photo, there would be a ‘+’ sign. Click on it, the person would be added to your network.

    2) Same way, go to IndiVine (https://www.indiblogger.in/indivine). Browse through the recently submitted posts, vote for those you like, and add the person to your network in the same way as before.

    This way you keep expanding your network by adding more people. Most of them would add you back to their networks.

    3) But you have to stay in touch with your existing friends also. For this, go to your dashboard. On the right panel, there would be a link ‘Posts From My Network’. This would show you the posts submitted by your existing friends. Browse through them and vote the ones you like.

    Voting is done by pressing the heart symbol 🙂


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