Direction loss!

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5 thoughts on “Reflection – 45

  1. abhiray59

    East Bengal was started by Bengal population that came from East Pakistan post partition. That is why it was named East Bengal. People in Bengal had their team in Mohan Bagan with much longer history.

    1. Amit Misra Post author

      Sure Sir. All names are justified considering the historical facts. However, they led to certain paradoxes which are lightly touched here.

      This reflection is in line with several comments that appeared in Bengali media in the last few years on changing the name of the state. Some of them were very interesting: It is the only state having an English name, it lies in the east but is called ‘West’ Bengal and so on. Several critics advocated naming it to Paschim Bang, or more simply as Bangal. The other group were of the opinion that the West/Paschim tag is a reminder of the painful partition episode, is a part of our recent history and should not be wiped out just because it is painful.

      Interestingly, the various reasons put forward in support of changing the name were far more logical, reasonable and justified as compared to other similar cases where cities and roads are renamed simply as a cosmetic makeover.

      1. abhiray59

        I am not a great fan of name change. I think, Calcutta has been changed to Kolkata. Sometime before, CM of West Bengal also talked about changing name of state. I am not sure if she went ahead with it or not.

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