Black Sheep: (noun) a person who has done something bad which brings embarrassment or disrespect to their family. (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)


1- Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh gets 20 years in jail, The Indian Express, 28 August, 2017.

2- Asaram rape case: Supreme Court questions Gujarat govt over slow trial, Hindustan Times,  28 August, 2017.

3- Self-styled godman Rampal let off in two criminal cases but will remain in jail, India Today, 29 August, 2017.

4- Ram Rahim’s conviction has embarrassed religious figures: Ramdev, The Hindu, 29 August, 2017.


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3 thoughts on “Reflection – 46

  1. abhiray59

    You can complete the rhyme by saying, “ba ba black sheep, have you been to jail, yes sir yes sir for a twenty year term”.
    Rest you complete. It is your blog after all.


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