Lalit And Navnindra Behl: The Couple Who Created Wonderful ‘Afsane’

Finding other people who share our interest and taste is indeed a delightful experience. So you can imagine my happiness when I received positive response from several of you on one of my earlier posts When Your Post Is Not Delivered — which was narration of a drama telecast on Doordarshan. On one side, there are those who are also searching for that serial and similar other programmes, and on the other are those who have a wonderful memory and can recall even more details than what I gave in that post. Motivated by the comments on that post, I myself did some quick search and here are some more details about that story. The serial was titled ‘Afsaane’, and the actors were Lalit Behl and Navnindra Behl. This is how they looked like:



Hope it helps you in visualizing that story! You can read more about Lalit Behl and Navnindra Behl from their Wikipedia pages.

Photo Source: Wikipedia.

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8 thoughts on “Lalit And Navnindra Behl: The Couple Who Created Wonderful ‘Afsane’

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    1. Amit Misra Post author

      Sorry Shekhar, as you might have guessed from other readers’ comments, several people have already (unsuccessfully) searched for this serial on the internet.

  2. Devenderrawat

    I remember this serial I thought am the only one looking for it and there was one more story that I couldn’t see the next episode and it remains as a suspense to me. The story goes like this the letter arrives at a a house after 20years and one of the kids from the house who feels he is not really liked by anyone mistakes that he is one of the adopted kid which is mentioned in the letter.
    Does anyone knows what happens next.

  3. AB

    I have a vague remembrance of a serial related to trains and stories related with people associated with railways. It also had Sushma Prakash in one of the episodes. Any idea about the name of the serial?


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