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Here gender notation of Hindi language has been used — Sodium is male, Chlorine is female 🙂

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Reflection on work and vacation. Hindi idioms and colloquial phrases have been used. A simple translation could be: Some are concerned with their own affairs, some enjoy in vacations. Some skip work, some work on holidays. Some work without taking any leave, some take leave without any work. Rest either do not work, or do the task pending from vacations.

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Book Review : The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories


In the fast paced life of these days, it is getting more and more difficult to devote time for literature. Under such circumstances, short stories come to our rescue, and by their peculiar format, provide us means to stay in touch with literature, and satiate our aesthetic and intellectual needs. The advantages brought by short stories are two fold. First, there is a sense of achievement as we can complete reading each piece in whatever time is available to us. Secondly, just in case the work is not up to our expectations, the time and effort lost would be less as compared to that in the case of novels. These are some of the reasons why I am attracted towards short stories in different languages, and from different cultures. Continue reading


Health effects of demonetization.

photo credit: I Believe I Can Fry Sausage, Spinach & Broccoli Casserole via photopin (license)

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Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav’s photo source: Wikipedia


1- Mulayam Singh Yadav takes fight for Cycle to EC, The Indian Express, 3 January 2017.

2- Ram Gopal Yadav meets CEC to claim ‘cycle’, The Indian Express, 3 January 2017.

3- EC to hear SP dispute on Jan 13, The Indian Express, 11 January 2017.

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Why You Should Discuss Your Research With Others

15592632483_323b67b00b_nMy laboratory is situated in an isolated corner of the institute campus. Whenever I have to stay there in night time for some work, one or the other of the security guards turns up to check if everything is fine. That routine visit starts a scientific discussion and I find myself talking to him about lidar, sunphotometer, aerosols, dust, smoke and so on. Continue reading

How We Handled Discrimination At School


Sambhav, now at 40. Image copyright: Sambhav Sharma

There was discrimination, gender discrimination to be precise. There was racism. There was xenophobia. There was . . . everything. I don’t know what name to give to that atmosphere of acrimony, animosity and hostility. It happened when we were 16 years of age. And all that we knew about hostility was from textbook material on Gandhi and Mandela. However, that was the first time we were experiencing it in real life. Continue reading