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Why You Should Discuss Your Research With Others

15592632483_323b67b00b_nMy laboratory is situated in an isolated corner of the institute campus. Whenever I have to stay there in night time for some work, one or the other of the security guards turns up to check if everything is fine. That routine visit starts a scientific discussion and I find myself talking to him about lidar, sunphotometer, aerosols, dust, smoke and so on. Continue reading

How We Handled Discrimination At School


Sambhav, now at 40. Image copyright: Sambhav Sharma

There was discrimination, gender discrimination to be precise. There was racism. There was xenophobia. There was . . . everything. I don’t know what name to give to that atmosphere of acrimony, animosity and hostility. It happened when we were 16 years of age. And all that we knew about hostility was from textbook material on Gandhi and Mandela. However, that was the first time we were experiencing it in real life. Continue reading

चार दशक


जीवन के चार दशक पूर्ण हुए । यदि मूल्यांकन किया जाए, तो कुछ खास खोया नहीं । वस्तुतः जो खोया, उसका खोना अवश्यम्भावी था । प्रकृति के नियमों को स्वीकार कर लेने में ही बुद्धिमत्ता है ।

वैसे देखा जाए, तो कुछ विशेष प्राप्त भी नहीं किया । यदि कोई पूछे कि जीवन की परम उपलब्धि क्या है, तो शायद  विचार करने में समय लगेगा । किया तो बहुत कुछ है, सीखा भी बहुत कुछ है, किन्तु उन सभी का वास्तविक मूल्य क्या है, यह जानने का कभी प्रयास नहीं किया । Continue reading

Few Kind Words


Hope your Valentine’s Day went nice. It is a good respite in otherwise unpleasant times. In spite of all suggestions to the contrary, humanity has never given up on love — using the word in the most general sense and not confining to the physical world.  Hence we see it being kept alive through movies, novels, songs, political speeches . . . Continue reading

Are You Also Surfing Too Much?

ddc8c-3175249724_9bf3959280_nWalking through corridors of computer centre and various laboratories, I occasionally witness students and young workers completely glued to the screens, switching the tabs between YouTube and Facebook. It is not that elders and seniors do not act in a similar way. My concern is the draining out of precious efficiency, strength and creativity of youth years. Sri Harishankar Parsai called it the age to make mistakes and learn from them. There is something hypnotising in these services, which makes it near-impossible for the young to retract their steps. It does lower the conscious level, makes the mind dull and stupid, not to mention the number of hours wasted that way. Continue reading