Few Kind Words


Hope your Valentine’s Day went nice. It is a good respite in otherwise unpleasant times. In spite of all suggestions to the contrary, humanity has never given up on love — using the word in the most general sense and not confining to the physical world.  Hence we see it being kept alive through movies, novels, songs, political speeches . . .

However, if you had to spend it alone this year also, do not lose heart. Look forward to a better future. Hope you find your soulmate soon. After all, for most people, exploration of the world and ideas starts with the physical.

Many thanks for joining me in the narration of the story last week (See ‘A Love Story’). Hope I was able to convey the mood, spirit and emotions. However, personally, I do not like that story. This ‘love-starvation’ is something that I have never been able to appreciate. While we know that someone is dependent on us for love and support, how much is it then justified never to spare even few kind words or gestures of assurance on them? You must have come across this anecdote often repeated in John Gray’s books where it is phrased as ‘begging for love’. What could be a greater embarrassment than this! We would find people always talking big words — world peace, social service, and so on; but if you see their attitude in their personal relations, it is really disturbing. In fact, today the objective of an individual seems to be only to build up one’s own ego — either by basing it on big terms and large issues, or by depriving those who deserve the love most, and to whom they have an immediate responsibility. Children are the biggest victims of this apathy. In fact, if people could be honest and sensible in their committed relationships, several could be turned away from suicides, drug abuse, extra-marital affairs.

So my friends, distribute your kind words and gestures, spread your smiles everywhere and on everyone; as they say — you never know who needs it most. Family is the unit of society; if you dream of universal brotherhood, your family is the place to start.

Also see: A Love Story.

photo credit: Nae Nae’s kids via photopin(license)

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7 thoughts on “Few Kind Words

  1. upasna1987

    Its my first time on your Blog Amit ji. Loved the message you want to convey- Start with your family and world will turn beautiful.


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