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It’s High Time Journalists Became More Sensitive And Sensible


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This post is about NDTV journalist Pallava Bagla who is in news for last few days for all the wrong reasons. A lot has already been said on this episode; in fact, Twitter is on the verge of explosion considering the number of tweets shared on this news. It really brings delight to see the fervour and passion that my countrymen are carrying in their hearts. I am particularly happy to note that we have started looking beyond Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan for people and institutions that bring us together. In the response given to Pallava Bagla, we have at least found something which is not controversial and everyone — barring a few — thinks in the same way. It is a rare sight these days. Continue reading

A Lifetime Experience: Travelling from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad by Road


Starting from left, the fourth person is T.A. Rajesh, then Amit Misra, Harish Gadhavi, Dilip Ganguly, name not recalled, J.T. Vinchhi, A.K. Sudheer, and T.K. Sunil.

As you might be aware of, atmospheric aerosols are particulates suspended in air; their most common examples are dust, smoke, and sea salt. These tiny particles pose a big challenge to the global scientific community due to their impact on Earth’s climate. About 12 years ago, a scientific campaign was conceived as part of the ISRO Geosphere Biosphere Programme to measure the concentration of these particles over peninsular India. The experiment was participated by 7 Indian institutes. The basic plan was simple — the different research groups would start from their respective places and meet at Hyderabad, where they would compare their results. The journey had to be made by road! Continue reading