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I Know What Were You Doing In Office Today!

32192877336_c0f4bc60db_nRoutine annual inspection of our school went well and smoothly. After the education inspector left, the teacher asked our class –

— So, how was it?

Everybody said “Fine madam!”, but one girl remarked –

— Madam, I think they should have done a surprise inspection, then only they would have known the correct picture. Otherwise everything here is planned and prepared — questions, answers, reading, everything — how would he know the truth? Continue reading


Reflection on work and vacation. Hindi idioms and colloquial phrases have been used. A simple translation could be: Some are concerned with their own affairs, some enjoy in vacations. Some skip work, some work on holidays. Some work without taking any leave, some take leave without any work. Rest either do not work, or do the task pending from vacations.

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