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Few Kind Words


Hope your Valentine’s Day went nice. It is a good respite in otherwise unpleasant times. In spite of all suggestions to the contrary, humanity has never given up on love — using the word in the most general sense and not confining to the physical world.  Hence we see it being kept alive through movies, novels, songs, political speeches . . . Continue reading

A Love Story


A young boy of about 16 years of age, whispers to a young girl of nearly the same age:

— I love you.

The girl turns red and runs away.

Couple of years later, the two — now young and blooming at about 20 years of age — got married. One bright morning, the young man took the tender hands of his wife, and said softly:

— I love you.

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Children and Values

A big issue is always made of the lack of sense of Indian values in the children today. Before I put forward my views on the topic, I would like to ask what does one mean by Indian values. These are the thoughts, which have been the leading light of the Indian civilization for ages, and these are the principles on which the foundation of the Republic of India was laid. Continue reading




— जरा-सा सिर आगे कीजिए, बस-बस, इतना ही। तो किस क्लास में पहुँच गए जनाब?

हर शहर-देहात की तरह हमारे कस्बे में भी नाई की कई दुकानें थीं। मंसूर मियाँ उनमें से एक थे। यदि यह नाम आपके सम्मुख एक टूटा-फूटा चेहरा, हलकी दाढी, सफेद कुर्ता-पाजामा लाता है, तो आप गलत समझ रहे हैं। असल में 30-35 वर्ष का युवा कितना सुदर्शन हो सकता है, मंसूर मियाँ इसकी मिसाल थे — स्वस्थ गठा हुआ शरीर, हमेशा सीधे तनकर खडा हुआ, कमीज पैण्ट के अंदर खोंस कर पहनी हुई, बाल सलीके से काढे हुए, दिन के किसी भी समय चेहरे पर आलस्य का नाम नहीं। Continue reading