Monthly Archives: March 2016

Growing Old

Unfortunately, I do not have any grandparent in my family. However, sometimes I do meet very old people who, even if unknown and stranger, treat everybody as kid, and are very frank and casual in their conversation. I cannot say anything to these seniors, it would be improper. Their times were different, their experiences are different, and that time has passed. There can be no possibility of turning the clock back. Continue reading

Work And Entertainment . . . In Parallel


You might have seen people working in offices while playing music with/without earphones, sometimes playing games and watching movies as well. Agreed, working for 9-10 hours at a stretch is too demanding, even with the lunch and tea breaks, and occasional gossips and chats with fellow workers. However, just for a change, had they turned few pages of a magazine, newspaper, a story book, they could have possibly learned something, or at least indulged in pleasure in a healthy way. The best and most healthy break is to take a short walk outdoors in free air, or a short talk with coworkers. Continue reading

Could You Please Keep It In Silent Mode?


One can take it for granted that one can own technology, but may not possess the manners demanded from the use of it. The etiquette of it. They may own gadgets, but may not be aware of the do’s and don’ts that come with it. It could be mobile phone, or other gadgets. And it is the mobile phone where it is the most evident. Continue reading

जाने दीजिए


मुझे याद है दूरदर्शन पर दिखाया गया वह नाटक। जी नहीं, सीरियल नहीं, नाटक। पूर्ण कथानक तो ठीक से याद नहीं, किन्तु कुछ अंशों की धुंधली-सी स्मृति आज भी है।

एक गाँव में एक बुढिया रहती थी। काफी मिलनसार और व्यवहार कुशल। गाँव के सभी तीज-त्यौहार, समारोह, अनुष्ठानों में बढ-चढकर भाग लेती थी। चूँकि वह सबसे वरिष्ठा थी, इसीलिए उसी के सुझाव और संकेत सर्वोपरि माने जाते थे। इस पर उसे गर्व था। Continue reading