A Love Story


A young boy of about 16 years of age, whispers to a young girl of nearly the same age:

— I love you.

The girl turns red and runs away.

Couple of years later, the two — now young and blooming at about 20 years of age — got married. One bright morning, the young man took the tender hands of his wife, and said softly:

— I love you.

The lady removed her hand, and shyly turned her back. Years passed, the two grew together, making a happy and peaceful home together. And the family grew too. One day while leaving for his office, the man now 30, kissed his wife and said:

— I love you.
— Ssshhh… There are little ones watching. – replied the wife and handed over his office bag.

Kids have grown up, and so have the husband and wife matured into responsible family people, taking every step carefully to ensure a happy and stable future for their children. Now at 40, the man told his lady one morning:

— I love you.
— OK OK. Take this shopping bag, and don’t forget to bring the items on the list. They are all important. And while returning, make a round to the tailor’s shop and check if my dress is ready. – replied the lady.

Their two children have now grown up into a young man and a lady, and already left the nest to pursue their own dreams. Now alone in the house once again, the man of 50 told his wife:

— I love you.
— You must be joking. Still naughty at 50! Is this the age for saying such things? – retorted the wife. The husband fell silent.

The journey of life moves on. The world stays where it was when we started, it does not change, but we do. We get something, and in turn, give back something. And then our destination comes, and we lift our baggages and prepare ourselves for yet another journey. The man is now 60, old and broken. One winter morning he is sitting on his arm-chair by the fireplace, and contemplating on such thoughts and the long life that they had lived. His wife enters the room with coffee for the two and places them on the table. Then she walks over to the old man, puts a shawl over his shoulders, and covers him up. She passes her fingers through his gray hair very softly and hugs him up saying:

— I love you. – Then she placed a small kiss on his wrinkled forehead. The old man looked up at her, and tears started flowing down from his eyes:

— At last . . . so long . . .

My friend narrated to me this story. I do not know whether it is her own creation, or whether it is already part of folklore. I have tried my best to put it in words. Hope you liked it.

photo credit: Donald Duck and Daisy Duck animation cel from The Wonderful World of Disney (c. 1960s) via photopin (license)

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