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ws1From email to social media to WhatsApp, technology-driven social communication has come a long way and that too in less than three decades. And it is further bound to grow and transform itself. Not only there is transformation in this mode of communication itself, but the basic characteristics of human relationship and communication has also changed.

These days, a major portion of our day is spent online. Not only our job and business demand online transactions and communication, but even most of our ordinary human relationships are also made and sustained on the internet. The network has stretched itself to such a great extent that it has become difficult to manage communication on individual basis. Hence the importance of status updates on social media. Note that your status update is the first thing that any visitor to your profile would get to read. This way it also has the potential to create the first impression on your visitors.

In the context of WhatsApp, your status also shows your mood, your thoughts, how are you feeling today, or how are you occupied at this very moment. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep updating your status in order to bring dynamics and movement to your profile. Afterall, your life is constantly in motion, and so it should be reflected in your status as well.

Several users search the internet for the most suitable text that represents their status at the moment. Now all that time and effort spent in finding the most appropriate status update is saved with the arrival of, the largest community of WhatsApp status writers. It has a collection of over 18000 status updates to choose from representing the large spectrum of your daily thoughts and emotions. All status are new, unique, and are updated daily. These status are classified into about 60 categories that makes browsing much easier for you. From insult to sorry, from friendship to spirituality, and from flirting to breakup — you have them all. And of course, you would also find content on mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, rose day, chocolate day, independence day and so on. With a large network of dedicated writers, the community is set to grow even further.

If you are a regular WhatsApp user and would like to make the best possible use of this application, then you should explore A good way to start could be everybody’s favourite status update — Good Morning!

For further details, visit Best Whatsapp Status In English & Hindi.

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