Why You Ignore Your Mind And Why You Shouldn’t

I noted in an earlier post that the personality of any individual is made up of body, mind and soul. I stressed that the development of any individual should be harmonious and include growth on all three planes. As I pondered over that point, I realised that the subject is not so simple as it seems. In this post I mention two such additional aspects of the harmony of the three planes. At the same time, I encourage you to think over it and share your own insights on this subject.

First point which is often misunderstood is the dependence of body on mind and vice versa. In my opinion, the mind governs the body and not the other way round, as is generally understood. In general, we are taught that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. But actually, a healthy mind ensures a healthy body. To an extent this is obvious — of course, the movement of body, the functioning of all organs is governed by the brain. And also psychosomatic ailments tell us the extent to which the mind can influence physical health. And then, negative and depressing thoughts, stress and tension, as do anger and hatred do affect our nervous and hence the digestive system, and thereby our health. I do not underestimate the importance of physical exercises and healthy lifestyle. But just as sports, aerobics and exercise are necessary for attaining a sound physical health, in the same way regular exercise of mental faculty is essential for achieving a sound mental health. Taking the comparison further, just as healthy food contributes to a healthy body, same way positive thoughts, ideas and mood ensure a healthy state of mind.

But then why is the mind so often ignored while all activity related to health takes place on the physical plane only? I think it is on account of the fact that out of the three planes, only the physical plane is ‘visible’ to the human eye. Almost nobody knows about soul, and out of those who claim to know it are in contradiction and dispute with each other. Mental activity becomes apparent only in result and not in existence. Hence we do not ‘see’ it. As we strive to impress the society in general, we focus on everything which can be ‘seen’ and observed by others — be it house, property, wealth, job, perfect body or such material things. That is the only reason that I can think of for the exaggerated pre-occupation with the physical plane while ignoring the mind.

I will close this post with one additional remark. You have already read that the distinction of humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is on account of the mind. The mind has been behind the numerous discoveries and inventions that humans have made — language, wheel, fire, clothes and so on — taking us from being cave dwellers to IT supergiants. The existence of humans is essentially on account of the mind whereas the animals live primarily on the physical plane. Gods and saints, if they at all exist, live on the soul plane (psychic) we are told. So when you ignore the mind and focus solely on the physical plane — either for the benefits and pleasures it brings or just to impress others — do understand what are you doing. While it may bring momentary pleasure and stimulation, in consequence you are sliding from the human plane to animal existence.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Ignore Your Mind And Why You Shouldn’t

  1. Vinay Nagaraju

    Intriguing thoughts Amit, I have recently been reading about physiological influences on mental construct and vice versa. It is rather fascinating to think about it and trying to bring them together. The more I read, the more I realise how little I know about this stuff, but equally there is one point you mention here which strikes a strong chord for me. It is about training the mental construct as well, just like we take the gym for the body – equally important is the emotional training piece which can have a transformational effect in our approach, perspective and direction. Nice to read this piece.

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