How The Mind Helps In Sustaining Relationships

In one of my earlier posts i mentioned the importance of maintaining a harmony among different planes of our being — physical, mental and spiritual. In another post I explored various reasons behind the over-occupation with the physical while ignoring the mental plane. My hypothesis is that this preoccupation is due to an eagerness to impress others who are more likely to see our physical plane rather than the mental plane.

Here I would like to add another point. Assuming that you have succeeded in impressing others by presenting a beautiful picture of your physical plane — in the form of a perfect body, beautiful face, excellent clothes, house, and various other assets, then what next? Note that establishing a relationship is one thing, maintaining a relationship and keeping it alive is quite another, and much much more difficult. You have attracted the other person; how would you ensure that they stay hooked to you so that you can enjoy a lasting relationship?

One simple way is through communication or conversation, isn’t it? Yes true, communication is the backbone of every relationship. And for that you need to talk. And for that, you need to have something to talk about! If you have absorbed and occupied yourself entirely with the physical plane, others would soon realise that you don’t have anything interesting or new to talk about. How long would you be able to attract others to your body, clothes, house and other assets? Or would you all the time talk about these physical assets which are in fact means of survival? Is that all you have to talk about? What makes you unique then? Others want to talk to you and share ideas with you in order to understand you better and to connect with you. But physical objects and assets do not bring ideas. For beautiful ideas, you need a beautiful and healthy mind.

Usually we are told that mind is the main culprit which destroys relationships. True, but remember that mind can also help in sustaining relationships. Mind gives you ideas and thoughts, which you share with others, and this exchange leads to a healthy conversation. This communication binds you to your friends.

If you haven’t invested in your mental faculty, you won’t have thoughts, ideas, opinions, or for that matter anything interesting to talk about, and the people around you will soon get bored.

photo credit: :lolo: Tea time via photopin (license)

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