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Apologies For Delayed And Interrupted Series


‘An Unfinished Artwork’ by Amit Misra, Pencil on Paper.

There are so many things that I want to talk about, so many experiences that I want to share with you. I do not know where to start. I have been talking to you already for four years now, and truly speaking, I haven’t even started talking about the things that I had intended to talk about. Time and again I keep hopping from one subject to another. I did plan and tried to do all the art-related talk first, then everything about books and so on, but after some time it all became monotonous, and time and again I get the temptation and urge to talk about something else. It is otherwise ok, however the problem comes up when I write a series of articles. See, I had started few series on this blog — Stories That Influenced Me, A Real Hero, Clash Of Legends, My Favourite Stories From Contemporary Bengali Literature, Translation and so on. But in nearly all the cases, after sharing a few episodes, the series suffered interruption as I hopped on to some other subject. So at the time of this writing, I have nearly all the series in an unfinished state. It must be very confusing and annoying to you dear reader, but sorry I cannot help it. I am also an ordinary human being and have my own stock of flaws. Continue reading

A Real Hero : H. T. Sangliana


Browsing through page after page, one advertisement caught my eye : without resorting to any image or eye-catching graphics, a message was written in blue colour on white background : ‘Sangliana for President’. I scorned — “Huh, few days back, you wrote ‘Advani for Prime Minister’! Now that it is certain that Modi would be the prime-ministerial candidate from BJP, you have taken up this new campaign. King makers, eh? Now who is this Sangliana? Whoever!” And I continued with my browsing, the advertisement kept showing up with due perseverance, perhaps hoping that someday I would show mercy and pay attention to it. Finally, I gave in. I opened Google, and typed this name just out of curiosity. The result on right panel showed photograph of a man, possibly hailing from Mizoram, with a broad smile. Continue reading

A Real Hero : T. N. Seshan

5e79f-seshanlargeNearly everyday you meet people who criticise the government, system, environment — just everything — and lament over the poor state of affairs. They seem to have lost hope and their ultimate conclusion is that nothing could be done. They seem to have compromised with the sad state of affairs, and have nearly given up. Youth complain that they have no role models. Middle age people have drawn the conclusion that the only way out is the one shown by Amitabh Bachchan in his early movies. Continue reading