Work And Entertainment . . . In Parallel


You might have seen people working in offices while playing music with/without earphones, sometimes playing games and watching movies as well. Agreed, working for 9-10 hours at a stretch is too demanding, even with the lunch and tea breaks, and occasional gossips and chats with fellow workers. However, just for a change, had they turned few pages of a magazine, newspaper, a story book, they could have possibly learned something, or at least indulged in pleasure in a healthy way. The best and most healthy break is to take a short walk outdoors in free air, or a short talk with coworkers.

But what exactly is gained by playing music, watching movies, checking status updates every 15 minutes — all going in parallel to the data analysis or assignment that one is supposedly working on? I believe that if someone needs to listen to music while working, it is simply because they do not enjoy their work. Wouldn’t it be better if they look for some other occupation, which appeals to their senses and passions more; and give opportunity to deserving candidates who would value and cherish this job? Perhaps the choice is not so simple; however, such escapes make the struggle even more difficult. One can understand the merits of audio entertainment for people who need to work for long hours which is routine in nature. However, the work of students and researchers requires directed attention and concentration. Can they really afford any distraction — however nicely packaged?

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