Could You Please Keep It In Silent Mode?


One can take it for granted that one can own technology, but may not possess the manners demanded from the use of it. The etiquette of it. They may own gadgets, but may not be aware of the do’s and don’ts that come with it. It could be mobile phone, or other gadgets. And it is the mobile phone where it is the most evident.

So distant people have moved closer, and closer people have become distant. Conversations are interrupted as a routine. I haven’t come across a single person who has the courtesy to put the phone on silent. They say the boss requires it; however, if you check, the boss would not mind. It is just a display of how in-demand the person is — see, so many people are seeking one! Even if the person picks up the piece, only to cut the call off, that much interruption is sufficient to break the flow of communication.

I could tell you about people who would invite me to have a cup of coffee, then take out their device and call up their home or friend and keep talking to them for the next 15-30 minutes while I take the tea alone, in their presence, or rather absent-presence. Why did they call me then, if I was not required? Or did they want me to listen to their phone conversation, or perhaps be a witness to it?

It has been nearly 10 years since I had a continuous, uninterrupted, hearty, soulful, conversation with anyone. Or may be longer. In fact, I have forgotten when was the last time I talked to anyone.

Phone is for our convenience and not for others. One needs to revisit life’s priorities and what one values more and most. If people get angry on you, stop talking to you, and break all types of relationships with you just because you were with someone else and kept your phone on silent, did not want to be disturbed, then you have to decide whether they could be called your friends. Do you care if you even know them? Do they deserve your acquaintance?

Life is lived in the present. Every person is precious, whether you value them or not. And that means in flesh, blood, and bones. Make the most of every human contact and conversation. There is no point in missing people from the past and shedding tears for them when all the time you had ignored them — all for a mobile conversation. Cherish your companion and love them honestly.

Footnote: The jobs of certain classes of people require them to be always available and on alert. You can easily find out whether you belong to any of those classes, and whether this article applies to you. However, do not fool yourself, and the people around you.

photo credit: iPhone app via photopin (license)

3 thoughts on “Could You Please Keep It In Silent Mode?

  1. Bindu Manthena

    new generation story.i want to share you small incident seen by me in the early morning when i was riding a bi-cycle. youth of the country came in the car all are students.sat on the road(on the banks of Narmada canal) clicks the pics just to upload the pics in facebook. Now a days every ones life is with FB or What's up. with out that they can't. don't the beauty of the pic. all the click just to show other not to keep for them. if u see old people they might have one or two pics which are precious and valuble. now just to fill the memory of mobile……….

  2. Amit Misra

    I can very well relate to this incident that you narrated. It happened in Darjeeling — we went to see a glass house; it was the first time we had seen one. There were flowers, plenty of them, of different varieties. And all the people in the group were only clicking their photos. I simply remarked that the flowers in a photo do not give out fragrance, nor do they have the softness of a real flower.

  3. rationalraj2000

    An interesting observation: “It has been nearly 10 years since I had a continuous, uninterrupted, hearty, soulful, conversation with anyone. Or may be longer.”


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